Not today Muggle Fucker shirt (Harry potter)

Not today Muggle Fucker shirt (Harry potter)
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MERCH FYI: There were lots of requests for “Deal with it, Not today Muggle Fucker shirt!” on shirts and mugs, so I added it to the shops! Links to the shops are in the left-hand column on the blog. (Don’t worry, today’s STM quote is still to come at the usual time!)

Not today Muggle Fucker Hoodie

This muggle fucker needs to be taught a lesson. Not today Muggle Fucker shirt! Do you guys want a link so that you can see other thing she’s posted? My friend told me she still hates Snape and that he’s ugly I told her: “Shut the fuck up you motherfucking muggle fucker.” Don’t insult my Snape. Severus (She’s still my friend by the way, she thought I was being funny I wasn’t).

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